Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Last Post

The blog was prepared by Robert and Susan.  Once they get home, they will use it to make a hardcover memory book.

Mexico got a lot of bad publicity and when our friend asked us to come to Bucerias Mexico 5 years ago and stay with her for a month, we asked her if it was safe because the word on the street was that Mexico was dangerous.  We are risk takers so we went.  It is now 5 years later.  We've stayed in Bucerias and San Pancho which are two communities no more than 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta on the west coast of Mexico.  Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor had a house there.  We are returning to Ontario Canada tomorrow so we thought we would make a list of what we will miss about this place and the last 2 months.

•  the giant parrot tree
•  the sound of the ocean
•  fresh and delicious papaya, mango, grapes, avocado
•  finding tiles and glass on the beach
•  fresh bread and cinnamon buns from Paninos
•  Todd and Lolita's homemade carrot cake
•  warm beautiful weather
•  the open air tree house apartment
•  the million dollar view from our rooftop penthouse
•  sweeping the leaves that fall off the parrot tree
•  the cinnamon hummingbird feeding her babies
•  the Flamingo Sports Club giant swimming pool
•  the vibrant colourful sunsets and sunrises
•  flowers such as the bougainvillea, mandevilla, flower of the desert, aloe vera, agave, orchids
•  friendly people like Luis, Francisco, Bernie, Brenda
•  tea under the stars
•  yellow crowned night herons
•  birdwatching in the mountains near San Sebastian
•  crocodiles
•  great restaurants like Toscana Mia,  Mi Lola, Chin Gon Tai on Cardenas St.
•  La Cruz gringo market and the Sunday Mexican market in Bucerias
•  walks to Mega along Cardenas St.
•  feeding the coatimundi
•  all the wonderful kind people of Ana Ruth's
•  making bread with Wayne
•  Casey dog
•  the kindness of Kathy and Bill
•  spending quality time with Jack
•  watching Jack as King for a Day at his school
•  riding the buses
•  visiting San Pancho
•  Destillideras and el Borro long white beaches
•  all the vendors like the man with the fresh fruit and veggies
•  new friends like Ed and Jane
•  yoga class
•  the food and staff of the restaurant (Los Pericos) at street level in our hotel

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Special Place

Filmed in and around Entre Amigos community centre ...

Robert and Sue have lived in San Pancho in the past during the winter months and they loved it.  It has a special place in their hearts.  Luis Moralis is educating as many people as possible about the importance of "birds".  Eric is working on saving the "jaguars".  Frank has a great "Olive Ridley Sea Turtle" programme in place.  Nicole has done wonders with her community centre, "EntreAmigos".  Congratulations to them all.

Check out this website ...

This community understands the importance of the environment and the arts in our world today, which are two important things for Rob and Sue.

Before returning to the cold north of Canada, they paid San Pancho a visit.

Luis Moralis with the hat standing in front of one of his great new ideas!

You must visit San Pancho Mexico just north of Puerto Vallarta.  

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Press

Foxy Yoga in Mexico

Foxy Yoga

Robert held a wellness class on his rooftop apartment every Friday morning at 10 a.m.  He advertised it as yoga since yoga is very popular in this area.  However, Robert's yoga was a combination of weight resistance, mobility, meditation, and Qigong exercises.

Every week, the group included a Buddhist group of Qigong movements called, "The Golden 8 Energy Balancing" exercises.

Here is the link to a great site that explains them well ...

It is recommended that you perform these 8 exercises every day very early in the morning.

a) Warm Up ... Tapping

b) Golden 8 Exercises

1.  Reach for Happiness (lungs)

2.  The Archer (circulation)

3.  Between Heaven and Earth (coordinates the internal organs)

4.  Look Back and Let Go (stress)

5.  Twist and Release (circulation) Sometimes known as "Head and Tail"

6.  Bending for Health (kidneys)

7.  Energy Punch (central nervous system)

8.  Energy Jump (skeletal system)

c)  Cool Down or Completion

Set your mind to finish. Gradually slow down your movements in preparation to stop.
Rub your hands together until you feel heat between them. This gathers all excess energy into the hands in preparation to perform the following massages.
Parts of the face may be related to the different internal organs. Massaging the face can quickly and effectively send energy to these organs as well as functioning as a facial rejuvenation practice to help smoothe or prevent formation of wrinkles.
  1. Wash your face – wipe the face with both hands, starting from the chin, moving up the middle of the face to the forehead, then down the sides of the face. 9 times. This increases the blood circulation to enhance facial beauty and decrease effects of aging.
  2. Massage the sides of the nose with the outer edges of the index fingers – up and down. 9 times. Stimulates the respiratory system.
  3. Use the tips of your index finger to massage the LI20 in a circular motion 9 times one way than the other way.
  4. Place your thumbs on your temples. Using the joints of the index finger massage in arches above the eyes then below the eyes from the centre of the face outwards. 9 times. Helpful for any eye problems and for wrinkles around the eyes.
  5. Massage UB1 in a circles, one direction then the other, using the tip of the index finger. 9 times. Helpful for sinus problems and eye problems.
  6. Massage the depression in the cheeks directly below the eyes using the joint of the thumbs. 9 times. Helpful for smoothing all facial wrinkles and strengthening the spleen and stomach.
  7. Massage REN 24 and DU 26 in circles, one direction then the other, using the tip of the index finger. 9 times.
  8. Comb the hair – using your separated finger tips comb through your hair from front to back. Stimulates the brain and the channels running through the head. 9 times. Increases circulation to the scalp thereby preventing hair loss and premature greying.

  1. Beating the heavenly drum – Place palm over ears with finger spread over back of head. Overlap and snap the index and middle fingers over each other. 9 times. Stimulates the brain, prevents stroke, improves memory.
  2. Pop the cork – Place the tips of index fingers in your ears, twist and pull out. 9 times. Helpful for tinnitus, deafness and any other ear problems.
  3. Monkey face – Place the right arm over your head with fingers on top half of left ear and pull upwards. Simultaneously place the left arm under your chin with fingers on the bottom half of right ear and pull downward. 9 times. Repeat switching hands. The ears are a microsystem and can access the whole body. Increases longevity.
  4. Shaving – Take the heel of the right hand all the way through to the finger tips along jaw and chin from one ear lobe to the other. Alternate with the left hand. 9 times. Related to the health of the pelvic area. This area of the face also represents your health late in life therefore massaging this area can help to improve health in later life.
  5. Neck massage – Tilt the chin up. Place hand under chin and stroke downwards to your chest, alternating hands. 9 times. Helps to balance the thyroid. Smoothes and balances the energy between the head and neck.
  6. Abdomen massage – Women place right hand down first and left hand on top on lower dan tien. Men left hand down first and right hand on top. Massage 9 circles from small to large, clockwise, then from large to small, anti-clockwise. Generates energy in the dan tien. Also aids elimination process. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Special Feature Presentation: The Lone Ranger

Once upon a time, there was a little boy of almost 5 years.  He lived with his nana and papa in Mexico.  He loved video games, swimming with dolphins, flying kites, finding treasures on the beach, reading and listening to stories, pretending to be "King for a Day", and riding horses.  He had such a good heart that everyone loved him.  He was out to save the world and fight all the outlaws.  He could often be seen with his sidekick, who lived near the 6 Nations Indian Reserve in Ontario Canada.

As the two "rangers" grew, they traveled the world doing good deeds wherever they went.  They recycled, helped saved the whales and dolphins, and they protected all the trees of the forest.  This young superhero became known worldwide as, "The Lone Ranger", and his sidekick was called, "Kemo Sabe" or trusty friend.

He might look like this when he grows up!

Hopefully they will be close by when you need help!